Evan Moore

Digital Marketer | Communications strategist


Which is more important: creative or strategy? If one of your eyebrows just raised and you don't have an answer, you're right.

One can't live up to its full potential without the other, and that's where I come in. I'm the type of person who loves both tearing apart the navigation of a website and writing new copy, obsessing over the perfect post on social and digging deep into the analytics, storyboarding a new video and outlining the perfect distribution plan.

Who knows? Maybe I can help you on your next project.

Enrollment Progress Reports

These aren't flashy, and that's on purpose.

Admitted students have a lot to keep track of before the first day of class. I developed the progress report campaign to give students a customized, friendly way to keep track of important tasks and to provide time-sensitive context for the student to make their decision. Each one is different based on a student's enrollment progress and other information feeding directly from out student database.

Now, wouldn't it be great if the IRS did something like this, too?


Name the biggest moments in your life. Now pretend you are 18. I bet "getting in to college" would be on the list for many.

That's why we thought it was so important to help our admitted students celebrate together at Colorado State. By developing a healthy mix of digital, print, and social media communications to boost the moment, we've seen a huge response from students who want to tell the world they are #ColoStateBound. As a result, we've seen almost 3,000 unique posts on Instagram alone.

Analytics Reporting

Don't we all love a good analytics dashboard? No? OK, I won't hold it against you.

You can't argue against using analytics to help inform strategy though. And, I've made it a priority at Colorado State to help colleagues (and myself) access data in better, easier ways using Google Data Studio. With cleaner and more targeted reporting, our team has been able to stay up to date on everything from blog analytics to event registration.

Don't worry. I've worked on more than three projects in my career. Ask me about them sometime.


You can find me running in the mountains, relaxing at the nearest brewery, or with my dogs at the park. I might start with the contact information or contact form below though.